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Gutter Repair

Essential Gutter Repair Tips

You might not understand the importance of a well-aligned, unclogged, and drain-free Gutter until your home is hit by a storm. If you maintain and repair your Gutter regularly, you can avoid the huge expenses and hassle you will have to face in the future due to heavy damages.

While it is best to contact a local gutter replacement and repair company if you need advanced repairs, if the problems are minor, house owners can do the repair themselves. You can follow these tips if you are ready to climb the ladder and fix all the repairs yourself.

Make sure you are safe

Before you climb the ladder with your toolbox, you must take steps to ensure your safety. You can follow some of these safety tips.

  • Use a ladder leveler if the ground is uneven.
  • Remember to place a standoff between the ladder and the Gutter if you plan to lean on it.
  • Ask your friend to hold the ladder to secure it.
  • Wear a non-slippery boot to avoid accidents like slips and falls.
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves.
  • Place both your feet and one hand on the ladder.

Inspect them regularly

To do proper maintenance and repair, you must inspect your Gutter once or twice a year. The frequency of your investigation will depend on various factors like the local climate, trees above your house, and the age of the Gutter.

If you have experienced high winds, heavy rain, downed branches, or other catastrophes, inspect your Gutter immediately, as these situations can result in the breakage of the seam along the gutters or result in the loosening of spikes. When you call the gutter cleaner to clean your gutters (preferably in early spring o late fall), ask them if they see some damage with the Gutter.

Make sure that your Gutter is not clogged

Clogging gutters can result in sagging, water leakages, and disconnected spikes. These can cause significant damage to your homes, such as damaging the foundation, decaying wood used in siding, and even the growth of pests.

Clogs generally occur in the downspouts or alongside eve. So, to avoid this, remove the possibility of a buildup of leaves and branches near the drop outlet. You can use a garden hose to see if the water flows smoothly and identify clogs.

Patch the leakage in simple steps

Have you noticed that water is leaking from your gutters? Holes can be caused by various factors like rust decay or weather conditions. You can follow these steps to fix the leaks in your gutters.

  • Make sure that the areas around the leakage hole are clean and dry.
  • Cover the hole with cement and level it using a putty knife.
  • Then find a patch kit that matches your Gutter.


Evaluate your alignment

When experts from a gutter replacement company install the Gutter, they will ensure a half–inch slope for every 10 feet of gutters. But when your gutter clogs or sags, the ideal slop will be displaced or destroyed, causing water to accumulate in one area. You can fix this issue and remove the gutter sages with the help of screws or nails.

Use these simple tips to repair and maintain your Gutter and to avoid spending huge money on gutter repairs.

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