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Types Of Roof

Different Types Of Roof

When we think of roofing for our house, most of us are very ignorant. We have an attitude of ‘It’s just roof,’ and do not bother to see what the best way of doing it is.

There are numerous ways of roofing your home. Based on the structure and design of the building, they will have to choose the right style for roofing. From gable roofs, the classic roofing style for homes, to the domed type of roofing, many roofing designs exist. Different roofing material goes along with other materials. Therefore, you need to pick roofing materials based on the design of your roof. Also, when choosing the right roof style, you will have to consider numerous factors, like your budget and the climate of the place where you live. Now let us look at the most popular roof style you can choose for your home.


Gable is one of the most popular types of Roofs that are distinguished for their triangular shape. These roofs are widely used because they are one of the most affordable roofing styles. Moreover, as they have a straightforward design, they can be used on any building structure. What makes the roof unique is its triangular structure provides space for building an attic in your home. This design is beneficial if your home is located in an area that receives heavy rainfall, as it will allow the rain to drain quickly.



Similar to a gable roof, the hips are also triangular. But unlike gable roofs, they are designed with slopes on all four sides. One of the most significant advantages of this design is that they are more durable and can even withstand windy climates. They can also be used in areas with heavy rainfall as their structure will prevent water from stagnating. But these roofs are more prone to leakage due to their multiple seams. But this problem can be solved by using high-quality roofing material.

Flat roofs

One of the most straightforward roof designs is flat roofs. Even though they are popular with commercial buildings, they have been used in homes with modern architectural designs. At one look, they may look flat, but they will be slightly slanting for draining rainwater. And to prevent water from getting stagnant, they will have drain pipes and gutters.

One of the benefits of flat roofs is that they provide more outdoor space. In addition, you can use the roof to install solar panels to make your home energy efficient or turn your roof into a garden.


If you are an enthusiast of sustainability and a green environment, Butterfly roof is the right one. In this roof structure, two surfaces sloped upwards will be brought together at a lower point, making them look like butterfly wings. This roof type is one of the products of modern architecture and is very functional.

The depression created in the middle area collects rainwater that can be recycled. You can also build a large window on the top, allowing the flow of plenty of natural light to come inside your house. But they are costly compared to the other roof types available.

Your roof style will decide the overall structure and look of your house. So, find the right functional roof type that will give the final touch to your home.

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